Black Knot Rope Group 2/26/22: Demystifying the TK

Black Knot Rope Group
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This class is dedicated entirely to the TK (takate kote, gote, box tie). This class will be unique in that while a TK pattern will be taught for the tops, it will primarily be focused on bottoming for TKs. For tops: we will teach a modern 2-rope TK with an emphasis on placement, tension, and technique. For bottoms: we will be teaching multiple strategies for being tied in TKs, including communication, self-checks and basic nerve information for safety, and multiple modifications to make TKs doable, comfortable, and sustainable for everyone! This class is for tops and bottoms alike; both will get something valuable out of this.

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A video recording of Black Knot Rope Group's February 2022 class with a PDF of the class notes.

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